Thursday, January 12, 2006


2005 was a great year in many ways. I had never been so satisfied on a Dec 31st night in last many years.
After many years of failing I’ve successfully achieved all my resolutions this year.
Now I am thinking to set some more complex targets for this year and here is the list of the things I’ve thought of so far.

  • Reduce my phone bill at least by 50%.
  • Oil hair every weekend.
  • Learn swimming.
  • Learn driving (optional).
  • Spent more time on studies (something between 400-500 hours).
  • Save money.
  • Call home everyday.
  • Visit home 4 times this year.
  • Visit more places in south (Most likely Kerala & Ooty.)
  • Get up early every morning on weekdays. (6:30 or 7 will do.)
  • Jogging.
  • More movies and more books. (Last book read was “The Kite Runner”)

And last but the most important
  • To celebrate this Dec 31st at Delhi or at home.
Wish you all a very happy 2006.