Wednesday, July 13, 2005


This post is only for passionate users of Google and that means anybody on this earth with an internet connection.

But this is not a post about exploring Google’s new features or explaining how its works or anything which I often get on many blogs.

This is about a bug I found in the Google service and that too with our good old very basic Google search. (you read it correct. Now say with me 3 times "Google has a bug.")

And if you don’t believe it then try it yourself.

Here are the steps

Visit (if you are not aware, that's the locale for me now days)

Now search for undeclaredThrowable= InvalidClassException. Period. And please don’t ask me what the hack is this?

This thing has already eaten half my day.

Anyways back to the issue.

on the result page Google says "Results 1 - 10 of about 79" now if you have not changed your preferences to display more then 10 results in a page then the number of the pages in the results should be 7 or 8 (notice the 'about').

And here is the first catch.

Google displays Page 1 2 3 Next.

And after clicking on Next or 2 you get a page which says "Results 11 - 15 of about 78" (Issue 2)

But you'll notice that page 2 is the last page now. (3rd and the last one.)
Now what? That’s all I have.

Isn't it a big thing? If not then this post wasn’t for you. Read the first line again.