Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Title not required...

I am not in a good mood today. I am angry/frustrated/sad/nervous/...
yeah all this at the same time. I am not feeling like working/talking/reading.
It's my brother's birthday today and I haven't wished him yet. Not feeling like talking to anyone. (Sorry for the repetition)

All in all today I am not what I am and what I am today is really hard to digest for others.
Not a single joke since morning can explain this I guess.

On my part even I am conscious that I should not interfere in anything which is directly related to me else I can be very harsh today and I know it very well.

So just to avoid any situation like this I am sitting on my system and writing this post, just to avoid doing anything else.
Earphones are busy since morning which is not very usual, normally they come out of my drawers after lunch.

And when I am writing this Nusrat sahib is really trying hard to relax me by singing exactly what I want to listen.

To make this post a little long adding the tracks I am listening.

NFAK - Ask forgiveness from your love
NFAK - Biba sada dil mod de
NFAK - Classical Qawwali in raga gawo
NFAK - Gurus of peace
NFAK - Song in raga Bilawal
NFAK - More saiyan to hai pardes
NFAK - Rabba lakh lakh shukar manawa
NFAK - Tum ek GorakhDhandha ho


Anonymous Anonymous said...

y r u feeling so many emotions at the same time. is anything that went wrong. have u hurted any or u r loved ones... don't get too upset just try to put it striaght

8:46 PM, February 23, 2005  

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