Monday, February 14, 2005

Music, War, Weapons and stories. aka avoiding valentine blues.

Thursday evening was a complete bliss as it was the inauguration of our new campus and we had KK performing only for us.

Now shouldn’t it give me a feel that I am working for a good company? Yeah I feel it. But buddy said that you should say that you’re not in so bad organization.

Anyways this post is more and more about the events and not about the discussions. So KK was there and for the first time I felt that he really is too good. He sang almost all of his famous songs and I loved all of them, but that was not the end of the celebration because Vikram Sathey was there to perform as well.

All and all the show was just perfect and so was the party after that.

Weekend started quite early as we were out of the house at 9:30 in the morning, gone to the aero show and that was really amazing.

For the whole day we were there knowing more and more about each aircraft.

The whole event was a pure fun other then the traffic we got stuck in while getting back. (Hey you damn blind deaf govt of Bangalore, cant you see what we are facing everyday?)

Again Sunday afternoon watched “Enemy at the gates”. I was waiting for this since very long. If anyone of you have not seen it then go grab a CD.

Last weekend I happen to visit landmark at forum and bought 3 books.

The writers are Manto, Chekhov & Gorki.

Going through the first one and it has the best piece of work by Manto at the time of partition.

Vishal this book is a must for you. I remember when you came back from Ahemadabad after the godhra, we had a long discussion on it. I am gonna give you this book next month when I am reaching Delhi.

So how are you celebrating today?


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