Thursday, December 30, 2004


Just one more day left to think for the resolution of the year, which I am not going to keep.

At the same time I've notion of few things, which I am, going to use for the rest of my verve (technical).


So here is the roll of my resolutions for the year 2005 as well as the next so many years. (Amen)

After all I've been practicing all this for last few days.


1) My display resolution will not be less then 1280 x 1024.
2) I'll at least listen one song each day while I am working.
3) I'll become skilled at project management.
4) I'll be working only and only on java/J2EE platform.
5) All the forwards have to pass a QA test to get forwarded from me. (Yeah I accept all the thanks from all of my friends.)
6) I'll not add anymore blog to my aggregator. (I've got an adequate amount of. Trust me.)
7) I'll not use Internet explorer when I am in my office. (Thanks to mozilla firefox.)


On personnel front I've decided to read all the books, which are just lying there on my shelf from the last couple of months, and to watch movies based on war and history, as much as possible.


It really sucks when people talk about world war, Vietnam war and so many other parallel stuff with a great deal of ease and confidence and furthermore when they give me a smiling gaze.


So no more time waste from today, have to rush to home now.

Will go home and by the time I'll reach probably the Tom & Jerry show will start J


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