Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Yeah I Missed it...

So the season of missing continues.
Yeah I am getting good at missing every possible thing.
To start with I missed my flight to Bangalore on 16th morning and tell ya it was a pain.
Missed the office that day and the important meeting as well.

Then I missed a play by Habib Tanveer after standing in a queue for around 2 hrs, that too when I was the 4th from the ticket counter.
Now that's really frustrating. Isn't it?

But today I crossed all the limits and I missed something I couldn't have even imagined.
Yup I missed it and I'll take the rap for it.

I cursed myself the most today that why I decided to move to Bangalore.
And it seems since the day I've moved out of Delhi everything is going right for everyone there.

So that forced me to think "am I a bad luck"?
Guys any feedback will be appreciated. (Mind you the condition is the answer should be a big NO)

Spoke to dude in the morning and he was sore as hell and I felt more frustrated after talking to him.
And I am sure the next time I am gonna meet him I'll surely be in hot water.

Note To Dude (from the bottom of my heart):
"Sorry buddy, I am not with you at the toughest time of your life, but I know you are a brave chap and will manage this situation in your always jolly mood.
And to add more to it, all my blessings and wishes are with you, which will help you to face it."

Having said that I wish you a very happy & prosperous wedding life.
I Hope & strongly believe that you two will go along very well and set an example to encourage other members of the gang to join your category.

Last but not the least "big CHEERS".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see you've linked me. Thanks.

- Reshma.

10:04 AM, December 06, 2004  

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