Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The Past (The better past)

Its Vishal's Happy Budday today and the guys over there will be having a great palty this weekend.
Everyone is so busy that they can't even celebrate a birthday on the day.
I remember it's always like this, but the fun was always the same whenever we were celebrating.
Ashish is busy now days with his regular hectic schedule and Vishal is messing up with VSNL.

Guys when we'll be able to ignore these shits on days like this?

Well even worst is that while everyone else is so busy, I am spending my time here writing this post cause I don't have anything else to do.
Still now days I prefer to stay in the office till late so that I'll be having few people around me to talk.
And everyone else from Delhi is doing the same.
I guess I am gonna have even larger group in Delhi whenever I'll be back.

Yeah I'll certainly be back to live my life again, but the question is when?

And the answer is not soon. :-(

So guys keep your finger crossed and pray for me if you can.
Meanwhile I am trying to recollect the name of the peoples who suggested me to go to bangalore.

Oops. Vikas just left to States half an hour back. (Bach gaya sala)

Anyways, Happy Birthday Buddy.


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