Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The New Place

This is a bad day following a pathetic weekend.
Got my seat shifted to a new place, from 5th floor to 3rd floor.

See how I am falling apart.

Well the worst thing is that I am sitting with people who are still living in the era of jagjeet singh and few more of his kind.
But yeah I must thank them cause because of them I got something to write today.
Ehhhhhhhhh here started "Hosh walo ko khabar kya".

Someone save me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its not like these songs are not good, but the thing is that I don't like them and I know I like very weird kind' a music and that's the reason I always keep my earphones with me.
....Just to make sure that nobody is thinking in the same way about me.

OK to tell you more about my new cubicle, we are 6 people sitting here for different projects and for different technologies. I am messing up with the documentation I've got about the project, the only girl here is busy surfing matrimonial sites and shouting on each good profile she founds. Two other guys are busy playing games over the network.

So lot's of happening.

Hope I am gonna shift to my project desk soon as my manager has asked for it.


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