Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Love, Romance & Me !

Yeah you read the title right.
Finally I got something interesting to discuss/write about it.
I already discussed it last night with Amol.
(And that's the reason I am feeling sleepy now)
So the time is set to write about it now, but before that a little intro about Amol.

He is my roommate and it's been just a month we know each other.
His interests include Guitar (he is good at it), reading books (mostly based on WAR or history), and watching History/Discovery/National Geographic Channel.

OK. I think it's enough about him.

So Yesterday when I was all set to sleep at 11:00 pm (cause now days I have no choice other then getting up at 6 in the morning), he suddenly asked me

SO Mr. Himanshu, how about your girlfriend?
I Promptly replied in my very well known way (only few people know this way): Which one you are talking about?
He asked in amazement: How many do you have buddy?
Me: LOL. Not a single one actually.
Amol: I don't believe you?
ME: Please do, otherwise I'll die of guilt. (LOL)
Amol: No tell me seriously.
Me: I have few but I am not able to decide which one to go for.


And this went on for around an hour before we started discussing the role of Gandhi in Partition, but that is in some other post.
The point here is after this was all over; I tried to recollect my thoughts just to see if I have anything interesting in my life about it.
Guess what? I burst out laughter.
I simply couldn't find anything interesting about it except the fact that I like romantic movies, romantic songs and books on this subject.
Slept at 2 and just to prevent myself from sleeping I am writing this post.

Anyways time to listen to "I'd do anything for love".



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