Monday, October 18, 2004

Coming Home

Open your heart
I'm coming home.

Yeah finally I made it.
I'll be in Delhi and then to my home again after almost 3 months.
Not a long time though, still I feel like its been ages I've not seen my friend's and my family.
I remember there were days when I just had to informed kaushik about my leave plans, and now I did a conference on VOW to US for getting my leave assigned.

Anyways all well if the ends well.

In this excitement I finished two good books in this weekend.

Five point someone:
Was thinking for this book and finally found it a week back.
I won't say its a must read, still worth reading.

The Department of Denials:
The same ratings but I really liked the style of Anurag Mathur to make us laugh.

Now back to work..


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