Friday, September 10, 2004

A New World

Got a call from Annu saying what’s the matter there is no update on the blog, one can imagine how surprising it was for me that even on this dead earth at least one person is there who visits my page.

Highly obliged.

Well this time I really have to say a lot, as the last 2 months were full of happening.

I left Delhi!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah it’s true. Everyone knows it.

Now I am in bangalore and trying to start everything from the scratch again, as I did in Delhi.
About bangalore I got so many reviews from my friends, but I didn’t find it better then Delhi.

Life becomes really sad when you shift to a new place, compare everything there with your previous place and find the previous place better in everyway.

The 4 years I stayed in Delhi was really a great time of my life.
I met so many good people there when I studied there and when I was working for Express.

I miss you Delhi.

My next few posts will be about bangalore I guess.
As of now I am just familiar with two places, one is my office that is at residency road and second is the place where I am living, Indira Nagar.

I’ve not been assigned anything till date so I am working (read spending time) in office from 9 to 6.


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