Saturday, September 18, 2004

A Blind Post

Got my glass broken last evening when I was about to pick my coffee cup from the machine. To make things worst I’ve a discussion with a client today. Though it will be over VOW, I am felling like I just cant do anything without my specks.

But the things are not easy even after that. Viren is waiting for me at brigade road and I’ve to go to Indiara nagar first to get my new glasses, and for that I’ve to accept a challenge to take an auto and the auto walas here drives like they’ve got a license to kill.

Overall loss with a small mistake:

2500 bucks for my new glasses. They are actually hi-fi ultra thin plastic lenses. (To make spending this money less ridicule there are some more features in them as anti glare, anti scratch, anti stress etc. etc. )

A night with nightmares about my eyes.

Meeting with viren delayed (as always).

Almost gave my life in the cruel hand of the auto driver.

Hope I’m gonna see a new world just after 2 hours from now.


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