Sunday, June 06, 2004


The new interface provided by blogger is really great, its more easy, neat and clean.

Blogger really means a lot to me now, as I am continuously reading the posts from few known people (Directly or indirectly).
Some of them are Satish (who is actually the gateway to the others), Arun Katiyar, Harinder and many more.
I have linked Satish and Arun to my blog, I guess i dont owe any Royalty to them ;-)

I am surprised how good can people write and jealous that why cant I do that.(I don't code good either)

I guess I am learning few new things everyday while reading them. Either its some tech stuff or non tech it really doesn't matter to me as long as I am loving it.

Apart from this the major benefit blogger offered was Gmail.(Cheers for Google)
I Got an account around a month back and I am really liking it for its uniqueness.

I am gonna make it my primary mail account as soon as Google will launch it as stable and when all the cafe's near to my home will update the Browsers up to the requirement of using it.

And at last this is a warning to all my friends that on 17th if this month I am getting free of my exams and its gonna hurt them a lot as I am planning to blog everyday after it and reading it is mandatory for them.
(God Bless You All).


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