Monday, June 07, 2004

Palty Time

One fine evening after a long gap.
Yesterday we all (Jeetu & family, Vishal, Ruchir and me) were together after a long time.
though we were very much in touch with each other from a long time , this was ultimate fun.

Jeetu Bhai treated us at LAVANYA (NOIDA) for getting a place at I-Flex Bombay, I am definetly gonna miss him as it was such a great time we both have shared together.

Cool place, cool music(Live music) and being with friends really makes me Happy.
at 1 in the night we had a coffe at jeetu's place before returning to home.

The second important thing about yesterday is that we went to ruchirs home too and met his mother. Such a nice person she is i must say.

I hope we'll have similar kinda fun once again before jeetu bhai leaves.


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